Introducing the Sculpt Society 7-Day Full-Body Workout Plan by Megan Roup

Is Sweat Really a Benefit of Running?

Everyone says that there are benefits to running. We all know that one of the benefits is we are more healthy, but the benefits go deeper than that. Do you know what else you get from running?

Beginner Triathlon Tips

New to triathlons but still have some unanswered questions lingering in your mind? Allow me to answer your burning first-time triathlon questions and (hopefully) bring you a little peace of mind in the process.

Build Your First Gym and Simplify Your Fitness

Simplify your fitness to fit your life. Being a full time career person doesn’t mean you can’t be a part time athlete. But you need to maximise your time investment. I’ve written about minimalist fitness options previously on my site but below are some equipment minimums for you to start to build up your own home gym so you can work out whenever you can to fit in with your schedule.

Dealing With Injury: The Gym May Be a Gem

Focus on what you CAN do while in your rehabilitation phase. Weight training can be effective for targeting specific muscles to bring blood flow to an injured area to prevent stiffness and promote healing. An intuitive approach may be the #1 way to prevent injury. Strength training with dumbbells at home is easy and affordable but the gym provides multiple options for working out around your injured area.

The 4 Building Blocks of Exercise for the Older Adult

Learn the 4 building blocks of exercise for the older adult to maintain their independence and reduce the risk of falls. A combination of different types of exercise can eliminate boring and monotonous routines.

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