Is This The Best Titan Fitness Product Yet?

Training Around Injuries

Injuries are the biggest obstacle you will face during a physical training routine designed to improve your performance and appearance. The main type of injury will undoubtedly be joint related, this is painful, often debilitating and never heals fast. The reason that the joints get injured is basic body chemistry – as our muscles get stronger we need to lift more weight to challenge ourselves and keep improving (the overload principle).

Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Increase Pull-Ups

Pull-ups is one of the best upper body exercises out there. It is a common myth that only a certain type of bodies are meant to do pull-ups. Dropping this false belief and learning how to increase pull-ups can have a significant impact on your fitness level.

Jogging In the Clouds

This is not an article about jogging. It is all about what jogging does to you.

Will Les Mills Combat Workout Get You In MMA Shape?

If you’ve been thinking of doing the Les Mills Combat workout, you probably want to know what you are in for before you get started. How does the system work? What kind of equipment will you need to buy? How much time will you need to dedicate, and how many calories will you burn? Will it sculpt your muscles? We will answer all of these questions in this Les Mills Combat Workout review.

Kinetic Bands – Use and Benefits

Kinetic bands add variety to regular workout. It improves body balance and stamina apart from making it leaner and fitter. These bands are inexpensive and are portable. They come in various levels of resistance.

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