Kabuki Strength Iron Plates Review: Mixed Feelings!

3 Sales Tips for Reluctant Sales People

Would it come as a surprise to you if I said we’re all sales people? It’s true. If you think that “sales is icky”, here are 3 tips for overcoming your reluctance to sales.

It Was a Shoofly Pie Moment

During holiday seasons, I enjoy indulging in special food. My favorite during this time of year is the Shoofly Pie. Nothing hits the spot quite like this. Although the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage restricts this kind of culinary activity during the rest of the year, I tried to get a pass for it during the holidays. I don’t care what holiday it is, a holiday is a holiday and deserves special food. I don’t remember when I had my first shoofly pie, I only focus on my next piece. When I first brought it into the home, my wife asked me what in the world it was. I told her it was a Shoofly Pie.. Looking at me rather quizzically, she said, “What is a Shoofly Pie??” Not even thinking about it, I smiled and replied, “It is a piece of heaven this side of heaven.”

Hepatitis B: Causes, Treatment and Medication

Hepatitis B is a type of liver infection that is mainly caused by the virus HBV. It most commonly spreads when bodily fluids like semen or blood of an infected person enter inside an uninfected person’s body. Hepatitis B can be cured with the help of vaccines, and with chronic situations, high-level medication is required, and often, doctors may suggest a liver transplant.

4 Tips to Help You With Your Blower Maintenance

Whether you are managing a small or large plant, make sure that your turbo blower is in great condition. This simple device is responsible for making sure that all of the processes and systems are working properly. However, some people just forget about this piece of equipment until they have a serious problem to deal with.

Tips for Moms on How to Reduce Breast Engorgement

Full breasts and overly full ones are not the same things. When they are overly full, it is called engorgement. Yes, it’s reasonable to assume that all breastfeeding moms desire breasts that are full of milk every time their babies are ready to be fed.

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