Kelli’s Upper Body Workout for Arms, Shoulders and Upper Back – Upper Body Superset Workout

Becoming A Personal Trainer – What Is Needed From You?

Would you like to become a personal trainer? If so you need to join a college that offers a personal training course. As a fitness trainer you will teach people how to exercise their bodies. Depending on the school you join you can become a specialist in weight lifting, resistance training, aerobics, yoga or any other activity.

Essential Warm-Up Exercises for Effective Work-Outs

Do I need to warm-up before a workout or playing sport? This is often a hotly contested debate and confuses a lot of people. However there is enough proven and well documented evidence to say that an effective warm-up session of ten to fifteen minutes will assist in greatly reducing the risk of injury. The thing is, what should I be doing in my warm-up?

How a Life Coach Can Help You Boost Your Athletic Performance

You are an athlete who works really hard towards achieving success, but somehow you never manage to get where you want to be. In this situation, a life coach may help you reach the achievements that you have always dreamed of. Find out more about the services provided by such a professional and how you will benefit from them.

Natural Muscle Growth

There is a lot of information that can be found today on how to develop more muscle using natural methods. With the promotion of many bodybuilders on front pages of bodybuilding magazine covers or, on the internet instructing you how to build more muscle, for many, one of the key components’ they fail to mention is the anabolic drug they may be taking to help promote those massive gains you see. There is a right way and a wrong way to build muscle naturally. if you want your hard work to stay with you for a lifetime, the natural way is the only way to go!

Shoe Smarts – Choosing the Right Shoe for Running

Tips for choosing the right shoes for running to help with you gait, your stride and to prevent injury. Many times people choose the wrong shoes and it hurts their feet, their fitness and their motivation to run.

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