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Six Pack Abs Diet and Workout Plan

Cut and defined abdominal muscles are the ultimate sign of supreme physical fitness. With intelligent training, hard work, discipline and persistent effort you can have cut, six-pack abs on a buff body. The information contained in this article will allow you to develop the body of your dreams.

3 Steps to TONE DOWN Your Appetite

How’s your appetite? Ferocious or tame? If you’re anything like me, you might agree that “tumultuous love affair” is the most accurate description of your relationship with food! I can honestly say that for the whole 10 months of my pregnancy – I drove my poor husband crazy. Just as I was gaining weight, so was he losing weight from running around! I couldn’t go anywhere without food and needed to eat every 2-3 hours. Often I’d feel like I wasn’t hungry or interested in food whatsoever, and then suddenly – BANG – I was ravenous and needed food IMMEDIATELY. Now I was pretty lucky in that I craved mostly healthy food. But for my best friend (and probably thousands of other pregnant women out there!), a ferocious appetite and poor food choices led her to gain unwanted and unnecessary pounds. So, if you’re feeling a little “out of control”, here are some of my insights into hunger – they’ll save YOU from those unnecessary extra pounds…

Start Running The Right Way – Beginner Running Tips for the Overweight

For an overweight person, starting a running program is really tricky. In fact most fat people shy away from running training. This is a big mistake. And here is why: If you’re overweight, running can be your best ally in fighting those extra pounds and keep them off for good. Not only that, running can tone your body, reduce stress levels and the risk of heart problems, boost your fitness levels. And so on.

Cardio for Beginners

Are you currently a cardiovascular amateur? Don’t worry many of us were at one time. A lot of people have been using cardiovascular training for years due to its power to get rid of fat.

Post Workout Eating – How and What to After a Workout Session?

When it comes to speeding up recovery, what you ingest right after a training workout is critical. Though it’s clear that what you put into your body, from meals and drinks, influences your performance, there is plenty of evidence that pinpoints that the right nutrition is key for optimal recovery-especially after and between high intensity training sessions. Proper recovery nutrition helps you in two ways: first of all, it assists with replenishing the empty energy tanks-primarily via glycogen storing, and rebuilding damaged muscle tissue-through providing your body with the needed amino acids for the process. Therefore, overlooking proper recovery diet can hamper your performance, increase the likelihood of pains and aches, chronic fatigue and a loss of motivation for the exercise program itself.

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