My Favorite Fitness Equipment of 2019!

5 Components Of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness isn’t just about working out, or even just doing cardio exercises. Physical fitness is about being lean, flexible, muscular, and strong – about motor fitness skills, about agility, about coordination and balance.

Beginner Triathlete Training Tips

Beginner triathlete training and a few awesome tips to help you cross the finish line with a smile on your face. Nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment when you do more than you thought possible!

There Is More to Strength Than Just Muscles That Look Pretty

Strength is an important health-related component of physical fitness, whereas power is an important combination of skill-related and health-related components. One of the main reasons for exercising is to stay healthy and increase our potential for a better life. Muscular strength and power will give us the skills we need to do the tasks we desire.

Facts About Repetitive Motion Injury and Muscle Complications

You are about to learn what repetitive motion injury stands for, and whether that muscular pains in certain parts of your body can be termed as such. You will also learn the symptoms that characterize the muscle complications generally known as repetitive motion injury, and you’ll get to understand the factors that cause it. Medical procedures for treatments shall also be examined, and basic steps you can take to prevent this condition shall be given. You will be better instructed on this medical condition after going through this piece and know what to do when you come down with repetitive motion injury.

Becoming A Runner

A mild winter followed by a long summer and an unseasonably warm fall was barely enough time to entertain my mind and body with outdoor adventures. It was early October and I was already planning my winter so that I could be in top shape and have the lung capacity needed for ascending Lone Peak in 2013. With the unusually mild temperatures I figured I’d stay outside as long as possible.

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