My Favorite POWERBLOCK Adjustable Dumbbells…

How Covid Stole My Grandmother’s Celebration Of Life Party

We strolled down the palm tree lined street in the balmy Florida night, my sister and I, my grandmother, and her friend. The laughs were loud and the wine flowed from the brimming glasses they carried in their hands…

How to Control Aphids Without Toxic Pesticides

Aphids are a Gardener’s nightmare as they cause great damage in a garden. Learn how to control Aphids and minimize their destruction.

How to Prevent and Control Chiggers

Chiggers can do some serious damage to human skin and cause miserable, itchy welts behind. Learn how Chiggers find you so you can avoid them. You can control Chiggers!

How to Control Grain Beetles

Ever gone to the pantry for food and found it teeming with small bugs? Gag! It was Grain Beetles and they can destroy a lot of food in no time. Learn how Grain Beetles enter your home and how to control them.

Are Traditional Pest Control Products Bad? Should You Use Them?

Traditional Pest Control products are comprised of toxins, carcinogens and poisons designed to kill bugs but not harm humans. Is that possible on the level of exposure we experience each day? Learn the truth about traditional pest control products and why you should avoid them whenever possible.

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