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Exercise: It’s the Magic Pill

Doctors and health professionals are generally fairly quick to point out that there is no “magic pill” for good health – but there’s one thing that might just prove them all wrong. It’s cheap, easy to get and available all year round. It’s not an apple a day – it’s exercise.

Marathon Training

Running is mental and we are all insane! At least that is what most people would consider thinking about those of us who run 26.2 miles at one time.

How Moms Can Make Time for Exercise

I realize that I don’t have a baby… YET (10 more weeks!) so I don’t know EXACTLY what you’re going through… but I have had to deal with an incredibly busy plate with planning a wedding, taking care of a puppy, going to grad school, starting a business and working… while I was doing P90X to get in shape for our wedding. I’m not saying you need to do P90X… but heck if you’re up for the challenge you can get the program at a HUGE discount right now…

How Important Are Results In Your Exercise Program?

When it comes to exercise, one word you will always hear is “results”. Everyone claims your new results will be unparalleled! You will undergo a dramatic bodily transformation! But this can’t continually happen; gains gradually taper off and improvements can only become marginal at some point. Does that mean we should give up because we’re unable to improve 200%? Just how much is good enough? This article will explain all that, and talk some sense into you! And here’s a hint: we don’t concern ourselves with results!

A Simple Guide to Beetroot and Its Benefits to Athletes and People Exercising

Athletes competing in the London Olympics 2012 have benefited from the use of Nitrates found in beet-root, both Olympic and Paralympic successes have been accredited in the use of beet-root. What do they know that we don’t? Read the article to find out more

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