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Managing Stress Through Exercise

While most people may not want to admit it, stress is a normal part of their lives and sometimes it becomes so much they don’t know what to do. Stress that is left unattended can become harmful and even lead to depression among other serious problems.

Abdominal Training Methodology For Definition

When you talk to people that have spent years working on their body, they will be quick to tell you that there are no shortcuts to getting ripped. The truth of the matter is actually quite opposite, as there are some shorter routes to losing pure belly fat than to just spend hours on end in a gym.

Abdominal Training For Maximum Results

Millions of men around the world are trying to train their bodies to have more definition and it’s not as cut and dry as most people think. Sure, you could go through the motions of training regimens that other people have already written about, but you’ll find that it’s a complicated mess to really stick to good overall training methods.

How To Get A Good Six Pack For Women

The “six pack” is a description given to well defined abdominal muscles in both men and women. For women developing a six pack takes time and effort. As women typically don’t add muscle or definition as quickly as men the effort to develop these muscles can take weeks or even a few months.

How Do Statins Affect Exercise?

Statins are drugs that are proven to reduce cholesterol levels in millions of people, and are probably now the most prescribed drug in the world. But are they really the necessary wonder-drug that their marketing has led us to believe? And can some of their after-affects be causing adverse consequences when we exercise?

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