Rogue Rhino Belt Squat Review: Best Yet?

Choosing Your Gym For A Gym Membership

It is great when you come across what looks like a fantastic gym and you decide it’s the perfect solution for all your exercise and getting into shape needs. You check out the prices and then it’s time to make a decision like, should you choose to buy a gym membership?

Creating A Work Out Plan That Works

Do you find yourself in a vicious cycle changing one work out plan for another every other time and getting no visible results? Do you feel like no work out plan is working for you? Well chances are you are using the wrong work out plan for your needs. What do you want to achieve by working out? Weight loss? Optimum health? Endurance? Here’s how to create a sustainable work out plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Getting Fit – It’s a Journey Not a Destination

Every January, scores of people flock to the gym to get new memberships, buy new exercise equipment, or start a diet in an effort to make a change in their health and in their lives. However, the problem with resolutions is that if someone really wants to make a change in their life, they simply do it. Without all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the act of making resolutions for the New Year. Getting fit requires a change to not only your lifestyle, but a change to your attitude and outlook. This can be hard to do on your own, which is why it is often advisable to seek the help of a certified personal trainer, both for their knowledge and their ability to motivate. If you really want to make a change for the better, here are a few ideas to help keep you motivated along your journey.

Love Handle Exercises For The New Year

As the holiday season has ended and new years resolutions are in full swing, many people will be making one of their 2013 goals to lose their love handles and get that tone, firm waistline they’ve always wanted. But why do so many people continue to come up short each year? There are three main areas to focus on in order to get rid of your love handles, but most people only end up doing one or two of them. To achieve the sexy waistline you longingly desire you need to focus on all three.

The Benefits of In-Home Personal Training

For many of us, getting to a gym is rarely feasible due to tight schedules that typically involve child care and demanding careers. Setting up a workout space with some basic equipment at home and having a customized exercise program created for you by a qualified personal trainer is the perfect solution. A home workout is just as effective as a gym workout and can be done in half the time.

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