RUSTY 20+ Year Old BARBELL – Unbelievable Restoration

What to Wear for Triathlon Training and Racing

When it comes to competing in a triathlon, the last thing you need to worry about is what to wear, right? Wrong! Choosing your triathlon kit and packing your triathlon transition bag can be a challenging part of the sport and one that very few train for! There’s nothing worse than training towards a big race, only to find that your kit doesn’t perform on the day or that you’ve forgotten to pack your cycling shoes.

GSP RushFit Basic Overview and Success Strategies

GSP RushFit is in the hot zone of online and offline buzz mostly due to the MMA workout popularity growth. This article looks at the specifics of the program and provides 2 basic but vitally important strategies to get your best results.

The New Rules of Fitness (Part 2)

This is an inside look at what is working now as of 2013 in regards to cutting edge fitness techniques. I am currently using these with all my clients and know that you to can implement these and begin to see dramatic results and feel better than ever in the process.

Why Kettlebells? Reason 3 – Increased Work Capacity

Work capacity is not a term frequently used in western fitness. I tend to see work capacity as the ability to perform movement/movements for extended periods of time, under load, over and over, without fatigue or breakdown in form. It’s basically the intersection where weight lifting meets cardiovascular endurance. The key term here is “under load”. As I’ve mentioned before, our modern fitness society places entirely too much emphasis on cardiovascular exercise…

The Many Benefits of a Treadmill

The benefits of a treadmill can not be overlooked by those looking to keep their bodies in great condition. The treadmill has a number of serious health benefits that can not be overlooked. Here are just a few of them.

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