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5 Easy Ways to Exercise More Throughout the Day

Learn about 5 easy ways to get more exercise in every day without spending any extra time at the gym. Health and fitness are all about making the small things count, so get started now!

Eliminate Back Pain When You Walk and Run With a Better Arm Swing for a Healthy Stride

As you walk or run your arm swing is important to maintain a healthy stride. Avoid post workout pain with proper technique.

How I Do My Bench Press

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a different way to do a bench press, and everyone seems to have the best way to do a bench press to work your chest. But it also seems everyone’s is completely different.

Dancers, Physical Health and Beating the Competition With PEMF

Dancers are in no less physical danger towards their health than other professional athletes. There is an extensive body of research supporting the use of PEMFs in virtually all musculoskeletal conditions. Athletes, who are finely tuned physical instruments, should be doing PEMF therapies not only to handle minor injuries after workouts, training, and/or competition, but also even before these activities are begun.

4 Magic Strategies for Exercise Motivation

Get your energy and stamina back you will be glad you did. I spent 10 years of my life being ill and when I was able hit the gym it was tough. I decided on the gym because it helped me to be around people and get me out of the house to start.

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