The $200 Titan Yukon Barbell – Does it Suck?

Health And Fitness Paradigms – Who Do You Believe?

With so many health and fitness crazes coming and going and conflicting medical advice from one year to the next, how is anyone suppose to know what is fact and what is fiction? How do we know who to believe?

What Are the Most Approved Belly Fat Exercises?

How to burn belly fat is a common question and most perfect answer is to go for belly fat exercises. Because these are perfectly designed by fitness experts who have tested and proved the results.

Should You Join an Expensive Health Club?

Joining an expensive health club is one of those things that might seem like a great idea at the time, but that many people will often end up not using. Health clubs are essentially ‘premium gyms’ that include a range of spa like elements including saunas, hot tubs, pools and steam rooms, that give you access to lots of classes and clubs, and that have more extensive and unusual equipment than you might normally find. Of course though these extra features and benefits come at a price and that means you need to think hard about whether…

What Is the Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat?

Losing stomach fat is extremely difficult to do. Taking this challenge requires a complete change to your lifestyle. There is no simple exercise that you can use to get rid of all your body fat. It will take hard work and dedication!

The Single Best Exercise You Can Do

The title of ‘Number One Exercise’ is a pretty big one but hopefully after reading this article you will only be able to agree with me. There are thousands of exercises you can do to give you great results but in my experience this exercise yields the BEST results. This exercise is the good old SQUAT.

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