The Best Adjustable Dumbbells for 2021! (I Bought Every One Made)

The Skeleton Coast

Sometimes, there is not enough information to know what to do. In time, a technological advance might give you more insight. Perhaps all of the information that you need has been available to you, but you did not know where to look?

Riding the Hallelujah Train To the End

We had a long, hard week with problems and difficulties that took time to solve, if they even were solved. It is quite interesting to me that when I solve one problem, two other problems appear. I think they’re all waiting in line. In particular, one day was rather difficult and zapped both of us of energy. I ordered a new desk for my office, and there were so many problems getting it delivered that I almost gave up. Along the way the desk was damaged and they returned it back to the store without even telling us. We had to reorder it all over again and wait for it. But then it came. Problem solved. That evening the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I sat down after supper to watch a little TV news and drink our evening coffee. We like to get caught up on the news of the day so we know what’s happening. There is nothing like relaxing after a hard day’s work and just getting a little bit of energy back into the system again, and at our age, that takes time of which we have little.

Critical Thinking: Is Everything “Fake News”?

A number of years ago, the mainstream media spent a lot of time talking about “fake news”. This was seen as something that was “undermining democracy” and had led to a “post-truth world.”

Planning Your Lockdown Days

Many of us are finding ourselves ‘locked down’ at home, with no discernible end date in sight. What at first may have been viewed as a short-term opportunity to focus on other areas of our lives has, for many, gradually became a source of frustration and stress. Let’s look at ways to shake it up and introduce some reasonable, achievable plans for this next stage of lockdown.

Women’s Fantasies Are Sexually Explicit Scenarios

Unlike men, women do not want to act out their erotic fantasies. Eroticism is a male view of sex – women are not aroused as men are. The use of fantasy allows a woman to identify with the penetrator.

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