A Detailed and Comprehensive Overview of Hepatitis C

Throughout various centuries, humanity has witnessed many viruses and diseases that can be cured or fatal. Medical researchers across the world have made tremendous advancements over recent years in dealing with such deadly viruses. One of these deadly viruses is the HCV, also called the Hepatitis C virus.

Important Facts About Thyroid and Kidney Cancer

Cancers are becoming more and more prevalent day by day. It is good for us to know beforehand about several kinds of cancers to take precautions and protect ourselves from them. The number of thyroid cancer cases has escalated in recent years.

How To Choose Your True GOALS?

We often hear, individuals speak about, setting goals, and appropriately, using them, to become better, etc, but, too often, we fail to pay sufficient attention to how to decide, consider, evaluate, understand, and choose, our personal, true GOALS! After, over four decades, of involvement, in a variety of areas, related to personal development, and enhancement/ achievement, from advising, training, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to, conducting thousands of personal development seminars, I have come to the conclusion, not only, is this process, important and significant, but, often, makes the difference, between becoming our personal best, versus, settling…

Why We Need To Restore America’s HONOR?

Many people, including me, felt ashamed, by the behavior of a group, which instead of peacefully, protesting, acted, like a lawless – mob, and, illegally, took over the Capitol, and created a dangerous, threatening scene, which seized our seat of government, and made the United States, a laughing – stock, throughout the rest of the world! With a different, political party, elected, to control both Houses of Congress (by a very narrow margin), and a new President, who will probably, restore the perception of consistency, common sense, and greater sanity, than we’ve seen, these past four years, perhaps, this change…

Idealism Versus Pragmatism: Strengths, Weaknesses, And Why Pragmatic Idealism Is Wisest!

January 6, 2021, was a day, when several historic events occurred, which may have significant, relevant impacts, on both, the short, and longer – term, American Way of Life! We witnessed a mob, take over the Capitol, and caused many buildings to go into lock – down! Both Democrats, running for the Senate, from the State of Georgia, defeated their opponents (the incumbents), in a narrow way, and, after, many delays, caused, by a combination of partisan politics, and the mob’s insurrection, etc, the Congress, finally, certified the results of the November Presidential Elections, certifying Joe Biden, Jr, as President…

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