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What Is Corrective Exercise?

The practice of corrective exercise is gaining in popularity as more people refuse to let physical limitations stop them from being in shape. Even fitness students are beginning to appreciate that having success with their ultimate fitness goal should require some individualized corrective routines–this can mean going one step backward so that they able to move ahead. Pilates instructors can teach these routines and other calisthenics exercises and to students.

Key Components of HIIT

Every HIIT workout consists of three key components, without which it cannot be classified an HIIT workout. These are: Warm Up – Anaerobic Periods – Recovery Periods. Each of these components plays an important role in HIIT exercises. We shall look at them closely to see why they are important and what role they each play in a typical HIIT routine.

Some Pre Workout Preparations to Maximize Athletic Performance

Building muscles and making the most out of your workout do not only depend on workout proper alone. How your prepare your body before a high-intensity activity is also essential so you can get optimum results out of your athletic and gym performances.

3 Exercise “Necessities” That Aren’t Necessary

Often we keep ourselves from exercising by telling ourselves we lack certain essentials needed to workout. Silence that voice. It turns out you really don’t need any of them. This article discusses four examples.

Examining Well-Known Health and Fitness Myths

With an abundance of resources out there (the Internet, television, magazines, etc.), people often end up confusing their information. We take a look at some common health and fitness myths, and the truth behind them.

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