The Ultimate Garage Gym Storage Rack!

Should I Exercise If I Am Sick?

If you are a workout junkie, you might think twice about skipping the gym even if you are horribly sick. But sometimes working out while you are ill can be advantageous. Read here to find out when you should work out during an illness, and when you should stay in bed.

Maximum Intensity Sprint Type Workouts and Their Amazing Benefits

Working out at full speed for short bursts is how the human body is made. Once we begin to retrain these usually very atrophied quick twitch muscle fibers, the whole body responds!

3 Exercises for a Stronger Core

It’s highly important to engage your core muscles to attain a realistic level of fitness. Read on to discover three exercises which help to build them.

Dancing Without Injury

Even the most athletic, well-trained dancers face the possibility of injury when dancing. Last month Dorothy Hamill, an Olympic figure skating legend withdrew from the ABC television network’s “Dancing With the Stars” because of an injury. Dancing is a physically demanding sport.

6 Ways Jiu Jitsu Will Change Your Life

Few things in life can completely change your life in an instant, but Jiu Jitsu can. From the moment you commit to start training with the most intense type of martial training out there, your life begins to change. The thing is most people don’t realize that until they start training and see these changes happening.

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