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No More Excuses – You Do Need To Exercise!

This article discusses the many benefits of physical activity. Learn about the kind of exercise that gives you the most bang for your buck but only requires 20 minutes twice a week. Also, what other forms of exercise that are crucial for your well-being.

The Most Effective Exercises to Slim Down and Tone Up

Congratulations to all those who made it part of their new year’s resolutions to get fitter this year and an even bigger congratulations to all those who are managing to stick to it. Even if you’ve slipped up on your resolution to get fit, don’t feel too despondent. Every day is a new day to start afresh and, starting today, I’ll be bringing you regular posts revealing the most effective exercise routines to slim down and tone up to ensure that you are well on your way to getting the fabulous body you have desired in no time at all! So, whether you are an avid keep fit fanatic or a complete novice, whether you have been keeping up with your new year resolution to get fit or fallen of the treadmill wagon, all of the routines and advice on my fitness and health pages will be applicable and beneficial to everyone wanting to see the best results. Enjoy and stay beautiful!

Online Dating and Its Fitness Benefits

It can be hard trying to get out of bed in the morning to exercises, especially when it is cold and wet. Knowing that someone is waiting for you and will hold you accountable can often make the difference between hitting snooze and putting on your jogging shoes. Fitness articles are always saying that the chance of sticking to a new fitness program is much higher if you have a buddy to work out with.

CrossFit Exercise Series THREE – Distance and Equipment

In the final article of the CrossFit exercise series, we describe the exercises designed for distance movements and the use of equipment like kettlebells, barbell, a medicine ball and a really big tire. Two very good squat exercises are included that require less weight but are very effective.

CrossFit Exercise Series TWO – Upper Body

This is series TWO of the CrossFit exercise articles. Series ONE was on legs and abs and this article will cover upper body work. All except the last CrossFit exercise use body weight only but you can add weight if you find them too easy.

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