The Ultimate STAINLESS STEEL Barbell

Overcoming the “I Hate to Exercise” Excuse

I am by no means a fitness instructor, nutritionist, or yoga master… but I am passionate about eating right and fitting in a daily dose of exercise to make us all feel better about ourselves. Besides, if mom isn’t happy then NO ONE gets to be happy! I do take time for myself and then I can take care of the rest of the world. Here is my advice on trying to get some daily goodies (nutrition/faster heart beats) into that precious 24 hour window!

No Time to Exercise? Do It While You Work!

Too many hours at the computer, desk, or other device can cause chronic muscle tension and pain. This article explores an approach to alleviating these conditions through performing routine movements throughout the work day that require little time, and no special equipment or conditions – just a commitment to feel better!

What Are the Basics of High Intensity Interval Training?

This article looks at the basics of high intensity interval training including the benefits and the things you should be aware of. The positive and negative research is discussed.

Exercise Ideas

The thought of working out sounds exhausting! But here you will find some great exercise ideas that are actually fun and will help you to keep moving and burn off those calories.

Slowing Down To Go Faster, Eventually – The Maffetone Way!

Warming up before working out isn’t just something your PE teacher in 7th grade repeated over and over again. It’s actually really necessary to having a great workout, and stay injury free. I’ve been running inside on the treadmill more lately, as it’s winter now and cold where I live. I figure being warmer is better for my muscles. But today was 62 degrees, so I wanted to get some sun and enjoy a run around the park. I was pushing the pace pretty good for the first mile or more when I realized, I need to slow down and warm up more. After about another 3/4 of a mile, I remembered and realized something all at the same time. I realized that I felt so good, I wanted to do another lap or two and I hadn’t even finished half of the first lap. I mean I was going slower, why shouldn’t I feel good right. But I noticed that I felt really loose, warmed up and ready to go. I literally felt like I could run 10 miles! But the thing that I remembered at the same time was probably even more important.

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