The Weirdest Squat Bar I’ve Ever Used…

How to Increase Your Pull Up Strength

Pull Ups are one of the very best exercises to use for improving upper body strength. If you can barely manage one pull up, or are already able to do a few, putting these four exercise methods into practice will hands down increase your muscle strength in no time.

The 3 Best Muscle Building Tips

The 3 absolute best muscle building tips to help you determine what to focus on when you first start working out. Follow these tips and you are well on your way to a great body.

Easy Busy Mom’s Playground Workout

Mom’s live a hectic life. And most have made great sacrifices for their families including their own health and wellness. But moms want to look great, feel good, have energy and of course, keep up with the kids without feeling old and worn out. And it is those moms that find gym time, or a dedicated workout hour next to impossible. But what about a playground workout? Why can’t mom get a workout while the kids do?

Dynamic Warm Up Exercises: How To Get It Right

Warming up is a very important part of your workout and you should not miss it. Not only will it help you to prevent injuries, but you will also ensure that get some great mobility and flexibility work. You can also use your warm up for rehabilitation work and to fix any muscle imbalances that you may have.

Revealed: Change the Way You Think About Nutrition and Exercise – Think Positive!

When I meet up with PT clients or even clients from exercise classes I discuss their nutrition and exercise from the previous week. It is evident if there is a lack of motivation and the exercise and healthy eating plan hasn’t been followed. It’s only came to my attention lately that I’ve noticed people’s thought processes to overcome a bad eating habit or lack of exercise for example.

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