Tone Your Abs and Arms With This Quick No-Equipment Workout

Workouts For Speed Rope

Try jumping rope as fast as you can for 30 seconds and after that rest for 60 seconds. Repeat ten times for an effective 15 minute blast of cardio and fat burning. It saves you time whilst delivering better results.

A Young Athlete Growing Up And The True Benefits To Exercising

The confidence gained from starting and maintaining an exercise routine can’t be ignored. Growing up as a young athlete there were good times and bad times, but exercise was always something I could fall back on to help me physically, emotionally and mentally.

Does God Want Us to Be Fit and Exercise?

Does God want you to be fit? Does God want you to exercise? How does the Bible look at steardship of the bodies God has entrusted to us?

Perfecting the Art of the Humble Push Up for Better Fitness Training

Push ups. In just about every boxing gym, fitness centre or MMA gym the coach, sensei, sifu or seargent tells you to get down and try bench pressing the earth. For good reason too. The push up works so many muscle groups and is so easily modified to target other groups that it has remained a staple of sport science since before it was considered science (back when the world was flat). This article reveals some tips on how to push up properly.

Personal Trainer Verses Gym Membership

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. Every year across the world millions of people join gyms and then default on going. Others spend more money and get a personal trainer. Here are the pros and cons of joining a gym and how they compare with exercising with a personal trainer.

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