Top 5 Fitness Myths – Best Tips for Losing Weight for Good – Staying Fit While Traveling

Workout Gloves for Rowing and Spades – 2 Killer Rowing Workouts

You may not think about getting a pair of workout gloves for rowing but professional rowing athletes wouldn’t think twice about NOT wearing them. Aside from maybe pull ups, I can’t think of another exercise that has the potential to tear apart your hands more than rowing.

Because Gyms Are So Last Season! (Stomach, Glut, and Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home!)

Everybody needs to exercise, but few people have time for the gym. Many people in fact, don’t like the gym. Here are a few exercises that you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home!

The Thrill of Learning A New Sport or Activity

For those of you who are exercising regularly to get in shape depending on how long this has been going on, you may have found yourself yearning to take on a new activity to add to your workout repertoire. The last thing you want is a feeling of exercise annoyance or boredom to creep in which is why it can be a thrill learning a new sport or activity.

The One Guarantee With Exercise

I used to see 600 people a year on a GP referral scheme I ran in South Wales. We linked up with many local doctors, hospitals, physios and surgeries and the GP/Nurse/Physio would refer anyone on to us who they felt they would improve by carrying out a period of exercise.

How To Get More Active

One of my clients showed me an online article the other week. This particular article was about a piece of research about British people. It said that we are the worst in the Western world for inactivity and lack of exercise. Worse than the Americans.

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