Torque TANK M1 Weight Sled Review: The Ultimate Home Gym Sled

Running Through Life

The great twentieth century philosopher, Joseph Campbell was a miler in college. Although running began as a competitive sport for Campbell, it became part of his lifestyle. Campbell, believed that physical activity was part of the process of self actualization: the journey we all take as adults to determine who we are, and our role in the world.

Getting Active

When asked about his dancing, the actor, Fred Astaire once said, β€œI just put my feet in the air and move them around.” To have seen Astaire in motion, his dancing seemed as effortless as it was elegant. Those of us not blessed with his grace and athleticism could only watch in amazement.

Following Weight Watchers While Doing P90X or Insanity

Many people who are following Weight Watchers, whether they just began yesterday or have been at it for awhile, wish to incorporate some sort of exercise routine into their weight-loss program. Because P90X and Insanity are so popular-most people have seen the infomercials-it is common to see questions about them on the Weight Watchers boards.

The Ultimate Key to a Physically Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

If you are worried about your weight, your lack of physical activity and your increasingly declining health, you have come to the right place. Now you can have experts guide you and help create a workout schedule and nutritional plan that suits your daily routine. Get ready to say β€œHello” to a revitalized and healthy lifestyle.

Hamstring Injuries and Treatment

Hamstring Injuries are a very common injury in people who play sports, especially in the weekend warrior population. This article will teach some ways to prevent injury and also instruct you what to do if you do injure yourself.

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