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Shri Ram Global School Listed in Top 5 Schools in Greater Noida

Shri Ram Global is one of the top schools in Greater Noida. It is one of the most established Co-Educational, CBSE Affiliated English Medium School in Greater Noida West. The Shri Ram Educational Trust manages the school.

All You Need to Know About Thyroid Cancer

Mankind has evolved tremendously over recent centuries. Along with the constant evolution, various viruses and diseases have always hindered a man’s healthy life. Cancer is one of those deadly diseases that has been a common obstacle to leading a peaceful and healthy life.

5 Necessities Before You Can Be A Patriot!

There is, perhaps, little, which is more divisive, and/ or, distracting, than our tendency to label, politicians, and political ideologies, using some sort of broad – stroke! We recently witnessed, a mob, referring to themselves, as patriots, illegally, break – into the Capitol, in a violent, destructive way, declaring they were patriots, because they supported, and agreed with the positions, rhetoric, and apparent prejudices, of President Trump, and bought – into his false statements, declaring with no evidence, the elections were rigged (apparently, merely, because, Trump lost). He took his case, to over 60 Courts, and his Justice Department, examined…

All You Need to Know About RCC, HCC, and DTC

Introduction Cancer, a deadly disease, is a condition where cells of any body part start growing without control. The cells further divide and grow to spread into other body parts. In a healthy body, old or damaged cells die while other cells divide and form new cells.

Textbook Hire Scheme-The Returning of Textbooks

The process of returning textbooks at the end of the semester or teaching year involves several steps. In this article, our author, a former head of department explains the process of returning textbooks given to students as part of the school’s textbook hire scheme. He details the steps involved plus some glitches that may occur.

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