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Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring! Let the whole world sing! What a powerful word freedom is; it conjures up visions of laughter, loving, fresh air, sunshine and excitement. People, animals and even plants grow with abandon when there are no restrictions. We can taste freedom, especially those who have been denied this most basic right. But, what is freedom, really?

Relationships: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Emotionally Shut Down Around Others?

When someone is in touch with their emotional self around others, it will allow them to feel connected to them and to fully embrace the moment. Being this way will also allow them to develop deeper relationships with others.

Buy Your Dream House or Sell Your House at the Best Rates With Our Realtors

Introduction When one is thinking about buying or selling a house, there are many hurdles on the way. It is not an easy task to buy or sell a property, especially when you’re doing this for the first time. In this society, where everything is available on the internet, it is easy to find sellers or buyers of houses, but finding the right client is difficult.

Which FEATURES Should Leaders Pay Most Attention To?

When, it comes to, effective leadership, there is really, no – such thing, as, one – size – fits – all! Many FEATURES are involved, and necessary, when it comes to becoming a quality leader, with the best opportunity/ chance, to make a difference, for the better! After, more than four decades, of involvement, in nearly all areas of leading/ leadership, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting, to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, as well, as serving as a leader, for a variety of different types of organizations, I have come to, strongly, believe, there is no…

According To Queeney by Beryl Bainbridge

Samuel Johnson recovered his health and sanity after years of strain and overwork on his dictionary during a stay with the Thrale family in Streatham, south of London. A daughter of the family, Hester, otherwise called Queeney, witnessed what transpired and, via the imagination of Beryl Bainbridge, relates the tale. Human beings here reveal themselves as thoroughly human, probably.

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