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What Is a Y-Strap Adjustment?

A Y-strap adjustment is a form of spinal manipulation in which manual, axial traction is applied to the cervical spine (your neck) to bring about the release of stuck joints and any nerve pressure that is causing neck pain. Applying axial force to the cervical spine is similar to lumbar (low back) spinal decompression therapy that is applied to the lumbar spine on a table called a spinal decompression table. What is the difference between a Y-strap adjustment and spinal decompression therapy of the neck?

Tithing Time?

Is there such a thing as tithing of one’s time? Is that practice something that fulfills Biblical requirements?

Use Geofencing in Your Next SEO Campaign

What good is a great SEO program if you are reaching the wrong customers? Learn how to attract the right customers like a magnet.

8760 – We ALL Get 8760 Hours Per Year. How You Spend Your 8760 Is Up to You

My 8760 Regardless of your position in life. Regardless of your beliefs, race, or education. Regardless of lucky breaks or just plain bad luck, We ALL get 8760 hours per year.

Raw Spirituality: Discover Your Concealed Personality Part 4

The power of the human mind is truly remarkable. You’re consciously aware of the content of this article as you read it, but the focus of your collective subconscious mind is likely elsewhere, and is infinitely more powerful. Ultimately, you can’t control what your subconscious mind does; it greatly influences your thinking and actions and doesn’t always go along with your conscious decisions.

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