Upper Body Kettlebell Training for Strength – 30 Minute Kettlebell Workout Video

Diet and Exercise Your Way to Healthier Bones

For most people during their 30s they begin to gradually lose bone mass. Sadly, if we donโ€™t do anything to compensate it will continue for the rest of our lives. For women the process accelerates further during the years immediately after menopause. This all leads to some of the greatest problems with aging, such as osteoporosis, bone fractures and chronic pain. Often the beginning of the end for seniors is a fall causing the fracture of a hip or leg, resulting in a down time from which they never recover.

How to Get Rid of A Side Ache While Running

Have you suffered from side aches while out on a run or in a race? Here are some suggestions of how to relieve the side ache during your run.

Health Benefits of Pilates

If you havenโ€™t tried doing Pilates, then it is high-time you start trying out! This is an elucidating yet interesting article, which speaks about the health benefits one would acquire while doing Pilates exercises.

Kick Ass Workouts! Train Like a Police Officer

Think you can keep up? This work out routine is guaranteed to make you sweat, you knowโ€ฆ like a perp in a lineup.

Dispelling Some Exercise Myths Weโ€™ve Always Taken for Granted

We all know that we ought to exercise on a regular basis, but exercise is a word that has a lot built into it. Saying that we should just get out and exercise more is a somewhat like saying we should have a better diet. There is a lot more to exercise than just getting out and putting in the time. Added to that is the fact that exercise, or how we should go about exercising has changed a lot lately.

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